Kenneth Hansen (Norway)

This highly individual recreational home in Norway was planned to the smallest detail.

It’s always gratifying to work with clients you can come up with exciting solutions with.
In the case of this house, our aim was to bring the traditional and the modern together. That’s where the strong, square external look of the building stems from. It was important to provide the house with rooms that were stimulating and full of life but also unique, be that for spending time together or enjoying quality time apart, working, thinking or relaxing. In the client’s view, that’s exactly what we gave him.

One of the client’s favourite places in the house is the spacious area at its heart where there’s a large, modern kitchen with a work island and a cosy dining room.

All of the rooms in the centre of the house enjoy outdoor views. The large windows and double-sided terrace doors lend the building a dignified and rustic appearance. At the same time, the internal layout and materials point to a client with contemporary taste who knows what he wants – which is to combine his comforts in the best possible way for spending his free time and also as a mark of respect for local building traditions.

The cosy sitting room with its fireplace is the perfect place for conversation, or simply to curl up with a good book or with the music on and enjoy the warmth and glow.

We should also mention the terrace. It’s a shady spot, partly covered. The client wanted somewhere he could sit all year round, reminiscent to some degree of an American beach house.

The client’s dream was to create a very special place for his family to spend their holidays in the mountains, and that dream has come true.
The house and the concept behind it were developed in close cooperation with Kenneth Hansen.

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